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Purpose Reigns: QBL Changes Everything

Illustration by Dan Page

Illustration by Dan Page

The Scene

One day, in the boardroom of a mid-sized manufacturing company.

The Players

Michael is Founder and Managing Director. 

Sarah is Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

David is Finance Director.

Emily is Human Resources Director.


Michael: “Good morning, team. As we continue our journey towards sustainable business practices, I want us to explore the concept of the Quadruple Bottom Line."

Sarah: “Ah, the QBL! It's like the triple bottom line, but with an added emphasis on purpose. It's about balancing profit, planet, people, and purpose.”

David: “So, it's not just about making money anymore?”

Michael: “Exactly, David. While profitability remains crucial, we must also consider our impact on the environment, our stakeholders, and the broader community.”

Emily: “And don't forget about our employees, Michael. Their well-being and development are essential parts of the equation.”

Sarah: “Absolutely, Emily. Happy employees are productive employees, and we need to ensure that we're providing a supportive and inclusive workplace.”

Michael: “Precisely. By prioritising our people and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, we not only improve employee satisfaction but also attract top talent and enhance our reputation as an employer of choice.”

David: “What about the planet? How do we minimise our environmental footprint while still running a profitable business?”

Sarah: “That's where sustainability initiatives come into play, David. We can implement energy-efficient practices, reduce waste, and invest in renewable resources.”

Emily: “And let's not forget about purpose. Our company's reason for existing other than to make money, which is a given.”

Michael: “Absolutely, Emily. Our purpose is what sets us apart from the competition and drives us to make a positive impact on society. By aligning our actions with our purpose, we can create value for all stakeholders while staying true to our core beliefs.”

Sarah: “So, to sum it up, the Quadruple Bottom Line is about finding harmony between profit, planet, people, and purpose.”

David: “I like it. It's not just about the numbers anymore. It's about making a difference in the world while still running a successful business.”

Michael: “That's exactly right, David. The Quadruple Bottom Line is about being crystal clear about our purpose and values, and using them to guide our decisions and actions. Together, we can build a more sustainable and purpose-driven future for our company and the world.”


Would you like to replicate this scene in your business?

Maybe, like many of my clients, your company is B Corp accredited and / or you support the Better Business Act, both of which are very much aligned with the Quadruple Bottom Line concept.

If you’d like to explore implementing the QBL concept in your business, get in touch. Let’s talk.


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