Looking for someone to help you scale up your business?

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I'll help you

  1. Understand the skills and capabilities essential for scaling.

  2. Create cultural change in your business to promote scalability.

  3. Build business structures and processes to support growth.

  4. Make the shift from Founder to Leader.

  5. Focus on the things your business does well.

  6. Map out a clear business succession plan.

  7. Get into the habit of planning forward for growth.

Examples of my clients' successes

  • Data analytics company grew new revenue stream 600%.

  • Record company increased revenues over 70% year-on-year.

  • Landscape gardening company increased revenues 50% year-on-year.

  • Learning and development company doubled its revenues in three years.

  • Law firm aggregator scaled from startup to over £10m sales in three years.

  • Engineering services company increased £1m EBITDA 50% year-on-year.

  • Food manufacturing company scaled from £1m to £5m revenues in four years.

  • Gas and electricity company startup to £15m valuation in 4 years, now has over 1m customers.

Over 40 years of business experience

I've founded, scaled up and sold five companies that have generated over £200m worth of sales; they are still trading at over £20m sales per year. One of the companies I led won the Queen's Award for Export twice, and the Queen's Award for Innovation. I've raised over £5m of investment funding for my own companies, and helped my clients raise even more.

Emma Killilea

Emma Killilea

Founder, Delicious Alchemy

"Alan is a great business coach. He's very perceptive, with excellent timing during the tussle of boardroom discussions. He's helped me change the business from a high growth organisation heaving on its keel into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I'm doing far less with no loss of growth or standards."

John Wyer

John Wyer

CEO, Bowles & Wyer

"We've been working with Alan for two years. I have found his approach a great way of nurturing and stretching a business and its leaders. In the time we have been working with Alan he has helped us transform our business. He is also superbly well-connected and always knows an expert in every field!"

Sara Horsfell

Sara Horsfall

Founder, Ginibee

"Alan helped me create my first investment summary. His advice and approach were extremely impactful. In a short time, he was quickly able to help me understand the investors' point of view, while empathising with what it’s like to be an entrepreneur at that stage. Highly recommended."

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