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You love your business, but you're feeling restless, and ready for change.

Alan will help get you and your business moving to the right beat.


When it comes to your business, which do you love more: the money or the business? ​If your answer is loving the business, then you're the sort of person that has a passion, a hunger to learn and improve, and has a growth mindset. ​Alan will help you and your business using a rigorous process underpinned with love.

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That means doing business with care, empathy, engagement, tough love and radical candour at times, but always grounded in the value of love. It means being connected to a greater good, a desire to make a positive impact for the people you work with, your customers, the planet, and the world at large. To want to make money is a given. But without a purpose, we are chasing short-term goals with no lasting fulfilment. Alan is purpose-led, values influence over profit, and does business in a way that balances commerce and compassion, putting long-term sustainability ahead of short-term profit.


Finish this sentence: “I’d love it if …”


You love your business and have a genuine passion for it. But the day-to-day business of business is getting you bogged down. Embracing all of your business is vital for sustainable growth and scale. Overcoming your barriers to success starts with knowing what drives you – your why – and involves a rigorous, collaborative approach to helping you unlock your business's potential. Alan works at your tempo to help you understand what is out of sync, or out of tune, and coaches you through the planning and execution of strategies and projects that help you achieve your goals.

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Julian Treasure

Founder, The Sound Agency

"Alan is a brilliant business consultant. It's rare for someone to produce a real paradigm shift, but Alan has done that - and I'm at least 50% more effective as a result. Highly recommended business consultancy for SMEs and corporates alike."

Emma Killilea

Emma Killilea

Founder, Delicious Alchemy

"Alan is a great business coach. He's very perceptive, with excellent timing during the tussle of boardroom discussions. He's helped me change the business from a high growth organisation heaving on its keel into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I'm doing far less with no loss of growth or standards."

John Wyer

John Wyer

CEO, Bowles & Wyer

"Alan changed the way we look at the world. He has helped us see things differently from the outside in, and evaluate our internal environment with a fresh perspective, so we’ve been able to restructure effectively. Through his business coaching, Alan helps people to understand their own businesses better than they could before, and he has helped transform ours."