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Spoiled with choice?

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Bold as love

Change requires courage.

Working with me requires it too.

Together we uncover the changes you and your business need to make.

To take you to the next level.

Hard truths, a rigorous, collaborative approach.

Combined with compassion and understanding.

I’ll be your #1 fan supporting you every step of the way.

  • Guaranteed X-fold increase in profits? Nope.

  • Proven, tried and tested methods? Yup.

  • Honesty and experienced guidance? 100%

  • Solid, sustainable success? Absolutely.

  • More time and energy? Your choice.

Change needs bold. Bold needs you.

Bold as love.

Love Business.

Choices, choices

You love what you do.

Your business is successful.

You want more.


You're awash with options and spoiled with choice.

Muddying the water with overthinking.

Leading to indecision and procrastination.

And their bedfellows… doubt and fear.

What you want is clarity and certainty.

So you’re free to move forward with complete confidence.

Down to business

Business is a marathon, not a sprint.

I help entrepreneurs who care deeply about their work.

And who want to complete the marathon with their arms in the air.

A smile on their face.

And pride in their heart.

This means putting long-term sustainability ahead of short-term profit.

Something 25 years as an entrepreneur, followed by 21 years supporting other entrepreneurs, and a deep love of business uniquely qualifies me for.

I help grow businesses which:

  • Stand for something.

  • Balance commerce and compassion.

  • Make a difference.

"Business is a marathon, not a sprint."

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Previous experience

  • FIVE companies founded, scaled and sold that have generated over £200m worth of sales, which are still trading at over £20m sales per year.​​

  • Over FIVE million pounds raised in investment capital.

  • TWO Queen's Awards for Export and ONE Queen's Award for Innovation for companies I led.

  • 40+ years of business experience.​​​

  • HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs successfully supported.


Here's a small selection of businesses that have benefitted from working with me.