Unlock your business potential with a 12 week programme for growth-minded entrepreneurs.

You love what you do, but you aren't confident about running every part of your business.

  • You know where you want your business to go but don't know what steps to take to get there.

  • You're uncomfortable with cashflows, P&L's, balance sheets and general finances.

  • You need to grow your capacity but don't know where to start.

  • You spend too much time  "in" your business to spend important time working "on" your business. 


Carrie Bedingfield

Entrepreneur and Investor

"I prize Alan's insight, coaching and consulting very highly; he is one of the first people I seek when I need to make a difficult decision and the stakes are high. He is direct, scrupulous, sees the big picture and all the detail. He fights my corner and challenges me hard to think differently - as an entrepreneur, that's my top combination! He also meets me (conceptually) at a place that leaves me energised, not overwhelmed."

I'll help you unlock your business's potential with my proprietary "Four Pillars of Business" system:



Clarify your business's vision, direction and positioning.



Better understand the meaning of money, financial management and funding sources.



Learn how to run your business not be run by it, and lead your team to growth.



Master "The Engine Room" of your business to boost sales and create efficiency. 


Jonny Round, MD, The Sound Agency

"Alan took time and care to understand our business needs and deliver to them. He helped us create a clear plan, with a lot of structure, so we knew exactly what to do. He enabled us to position our business clearly in the marketplace. He also advised us on our international distribution strategy, which is developing well. He brings creative rigour, business acumen and is a fountain of knowledge! He helps with whatever the business is challenged by and produces the right tools to help it succeed. He energises and trusts you, but he gives you a bollocking if you are doing the wrong thing! He is brilliant, supportive, positive and confident. Ultimately, he is obsessed with business excellence. I love working with him!"

Running a business requires different skills; we'll build these together.

You'll get:


Tools that make running your business simple.


The mindset required to lead for growth.


Ideas you can implement immediately.


Mentoring from Alan with 40+ years of business experience.


A community of likeminded people.



The Programme in brief:

  • Covers every aspect of business

  • Interactive workshops, not a training course

  • 16 live sessions plus a Freshers' session

  • Likeminded community

  • Lifetime access

  • Regular price £7950 + VAT 

  • Second cohort price £3600 + VAT 

  • Pay in full or 3 x payments of £1200 + VAT

  • Early bird price (enrol before 31st July 2021): £3060 + VAT



“I’m passionate about teaching entrepreneurs who love what they do and want their businesses to reach their full potential. I’m really looking forward to working with the first cohort of entrepreneurs to join this new programme!”



  • FIVE companies founded, scaled and sold that have generated over £200m worth of sales, which are still trading at over £20m sales per year.

  • Over FIVE million pounds raised in investment capital.

  • TWO Queen's Awards for Export and ONE Queen's Award for Innovation for companies he led.

  • 40+ years of business experience.

  • HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs successfully supported.

Working more is not a sustainable strategy


What would 20% more revenue in less time change for you?

Imagine a future where you can scale your income and impact without working longer hours. This is what real, sustainable, growth looks like.

I want you to learn from my experience and stories, help you overcome your obstacles, and get you to your goals more quickly and with less stress.

I’ve kept it simple, I've kept it focussed. Each pillar throughout this entire program is a tried and tested process, system, or mindset tip to help you unlock the potential within your business.


Emma Killilea

Founder, Delicious Alchemy

"Alan is a great business coach. He's very perceptive, with excellent timing during the tussle of boardroom discussions. He's helped me change the business from a high growth organisation heaving on its keel into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I'm doing far less with no loss of growth or standards."

Don't buy this!

Invest in yourself!

The processes, strategies, and insights in this Programme will require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than just opening your wallet to master them and benefit from them.

There is a pathway to a better business and, like any good coach, I can keep you from getting into trouble along the way. If you're ready to do the heavy lifting and take your business to the next level, I am ready and willing to support you.


Say yes to effortless business

Applications are now open for the second exclusive cohort of The Business of Business

  • Application deadline 3 September 2021.

  • Programme starts 14 September 2021.

  • Full price for the Programme is £7950 + VAT.

  • Pay just £3600 + VAT for the second cohort.

  • Pay in full or 3 x payments of £1200 + VAT.

  • Early bird price (enrol before 31 July 2021): £3060 + VAT

Let's get started

If you are interested in enrolling in the Programme, start your application by arranging a 30 minute chat with Alan to see if it's right for you.

Step 1 : Book a matching Zoom call with Alan

Step 2 : Complete a short application form

Step 3 : Zoom call with Alan