I present a business show on Meridian FM every Sunday at 2pm called 'Love Business with Alan Wick'. It’s available over the air in Surrey, Sussex and Kent, and on TuneIn internet radio. I interview experienced entrepreneurs who are not only happy to share their success stories, but are also willing to talk about their mistakes, what they’ve learned from them and are still learning as they continue along their journey. Plus there’s a Reflections Section at the end, where I link their experiences with learnings you can apply to your business.


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Here's a selection of some of the fascinating entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure of interviewing:


Rachel Flanagan
Founder of Mrs Buckét

In this show, I interviewed Rachael Flanagan founder of Mrs Buckét a commercial cleaning company delivering commercial cleaning services and facilities to a range of businesses, helping them maintain a high standard of hygiene in their workplaces.


During the interview we discussed how Rachael started her business at the tender age of 18 years old and how it has developed and grown into an award-winning, multi-million pound company.


In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • How Rachael has grown her business from distributing a box of flyers to a 300+ workforce with a 96% staff and client retention.

  • Why developing a niche in the market is vital and how it has made Mrs Buckét stand out.

  • The value of using quirky and innovative techniques to win new business.

  • Why it is so important to look after people and how Mrs Buckét develop their staff, wanting to be known as ‘Employer of Choice.’

  • How Mrs Buckét consistently strives to be innovative and the ‘go to’ industry expert.

Nick Russill
Co-founder of TerraDat

In this show, I interviewed Nick Russill, co-founder of TerraDat, who provide specialist 3D subsurface mapping, using state of the art techniques. Nick is also co-founder of Snow-Forecast.com, a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, and a photographer.


During this interview we discussed how TerraDat Geophysics started, it’s 28 years of steady growth, and how despite the pandemic the business continues to thrive. In this fascinating interview you will hear:


  • How to continue to grow your business by innovating and staying agile

  • Why it’s important to sometimes say ‘No’ to new business

  • The value of honesty, when it comes to ensuring repeat business

  • How to work in harmony with your partner, by knowing your strengths and weaknesses

  • The benefits of sticking to what you're good at in business

In this show, I interviewed Paulina Tenner, founder of GrantTree. Paulina is a serial entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker, writer, and burlesque performer. During this interview we discussed Paulina’s novel Holacracy based organisation, GrantTree, which has arranged over £200m in equity-free R&D funding from the government, to help SMEs. In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • Insights into how a “no bosses’ culture can help a business thrive.

  • How allowing staff to curate their own career unlocks true potential.

  • The benefits of having a completely transparent, open culture, where staff set their own salaries.

  • The highs and lows of investing in small tech businesses.

  • How a burlesque persona and a business persona can complement each other.


In this show, I interviewed David Hieatt, co-founder of The Do Lectures (and Hiut Denim Co), a second time.

David shares his inspirational story which started on the far edge of West Wales, on an old farm. In 2007, the idea for The Do Lectures began, as a space for the world’s "DOers" to feed their dreams. You will hear about the belief, the struggles, and the resilience involved in developing one of the most unique and exclusive events available today.

In this fascinating interview, we discuss:

  • How The Do Lectures changed attendees lives

  • How you can be influential and small

  • The benefits of community

  • Playing the long game (ideas need patience)

  • How sometimes passion and belief are more important than data

  • The value of cultivation and purpose in a business​


In this show, I interviewed Emma Killilea, founder of Delicious Alchemy. After being diagnosed as a coeliac and realising the limitation of gluten-free products on the market, Emma decided to dedicate her life to making gluten-free options commonplace, so that more and more people can live a happy and healthy life.

During the interview, we explored her extraordinary story and discussed topics such as:

  • Why it is so important to understand the needs, wants, and demands of your customers

  • The positive and negative effects of the COVID 19 lockdown

  • The importance of innovation in business

  • Benefits of having the right product at the right time

  • How personal ambitions drives business success

  • Why you must get your customer value proposition right

julian treasure.jpeg

In this show, I interviewed Julian Treasure, founder of The Sound Agency. Julian is an author and an international speaker who has been invited to do five TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication.


We discussed his TED talks and the 100 million views they have garnered. In addition, we discussed subjects including:


  • What is “the business of sound” & how it can benefit businesses

  • The importance of having a very clear purpose

  • The challenges of offering a product or service that people don’t know they need

  • How to build a successful business with a virtual team

  • The difference between having faith in one’s business & knowing it’ll succeed

  • Julian’s most important learnings from his long experience as an entrepreneur


In this show, I interviewed David Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Denim Co (and The Do Lectures).

We explored David’s extraordinary story; starting with how he got his town making jeans again, with the launch of his successful business Hiut Denim Co. David and I discussed his extensive experience and delved into his thoughts around:

  • How story telling can make such a difference to a business and brand

  • The power of purpose driven brands

  • How having a clear purpose makes you strong

  • What to look out for when you take investors on board

  • The most important sales tool

  • How to deal with a crisis and avoid defeat

  • Understanding the culture of a business and its impact


In this show, I interviewed Juliet Barratt, Co-founder and former Chief Marketing Officer of Grenade.

Juliet is a brilliant and inspiring leader, who through her passionate story, revealed the secret that made Grenade the world's fastest-growing nutrition brand. It was a fascinating interview, where we discussed:

  • Juliet’s recipe for success 

  • The importance of branding  

  • The key role of distribution channels 

  • The positive and negative effects of investors on your business 

  • The key to surrounding yourself with the right people 

  • Understanding the language of different markets and how to make them work for you

  • How to nurture the culture of your business and keeping it the way that you want

  • What business mentors could do for you and your business

Peter Backman.jpg

In this show, I interviewed Peter Backman, the leading expert on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector, and its supply chain in the UK and across Europe.

During the interview, Peter talked about his remarkable life, as well as sharing his thoughts on the future of the hospitality industry. Listen to our conversation to hear more about: 

  • What it means to be an entrepreneur

  • The benefits of working in the hospitality industry 

  • Why it is so important to have clear goals 

  • What it takes to go from zero to hero in business 

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a partner in the business

  • The future of restaurants and the philosophy behind Peter’s book ‘’Restaurants Also Serve Food’’ 

  • Peter’s advice to young entrepreneurs


In this show, I interviewed Carrie Bedingfield, founder of OneFish TwoFish and 50th Generation. Carrie is also a TEDx speaker and the creator of The Lead Generation Machine and LoMo.

During the interview, we explored her compelling story and as well as discussing:

  • Increasing productivity through effective time management 

  • How to manage multiple businesses

  • Childhood traits that lead to entrepreneurship

  • When to know when to let your business go 

  • The importance of business relationships

John Wyer.jpg

In this show, I interviewed John Wyer, Co-founder and CEO of Bowles & Wyer. John has more than 35 years’ professional experience and is a widely published and respected designer, lecturing on his work both in the UK and abroad.

We discussed the growth and the success of his company, including topics such as:

  • Why trust is important for your business and brand

  • The benefits of understanding the difference between B2B and B2C 

  • The importance of customer satisfaction for business valuation 

  • The value of having a business partner

  • Effects of internal and external factors on business performance

  • John’s advice to people who want to start their own business

Alfie Best in Daily Mail.jpg

In this show, I interviewed Alfie Best, the Founder and Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks. The business has 75 residential mobile home parks, seven holiday mobile home parks, and a golf course in Hertfordshire, along with a 50% share in 15 sites in the US. He was recently featured in the Sunday Times UK rich list.

Born in a caravan to a poor Romany Gypsy family; he shared the extraordinary story of how he started, as well as discussing:

  • The importance of reinvesting in the business

  • Effective leadership as a key to organisational success

  • Why organisations should encourage employees to recognise mistakes and learn from them

  • His ‘’always say yes’’ policy and why the customer is always king

  • Alfie’s secrets of his success


In this show, I interviewed Bob Bannister of iManage Performance, a training company that works with organisations to change people for good, focusing on blended learning where they combine face-to-face & online learning.

We discussed topics such as:

  • How to successfully manage remote teams

  • The creation of high functioning teams and how to get people working well together

  • The importance of trust within remote teams

  • How to encourage professional intimacy

  • The impact of flexibility at work on lifestyle

  • The silver linings that can come out of difficult times